Christmas cake recipes

It’s Christmas day, the presents are all opened, the turkey has been well and truly carved and, finally, it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for. Dessert.

Whether you prefer a simple Christmas cake or plan to try some new Christmas cake ideas this year, you need to make sure it’s a crowd pleaser!

Rich cherries, sultanas and currents soaked in liquor and baked into a silky, dark and sweet cake mixture is enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble, no matter how much roast turkey was eaten!

Right Rum Christmas Cake

A Brief History of Christmas Cakes

The deliciously fruity, dark and sweet Christmas cakes that we know and love today originated from the Victorian era, along with Christmas trees, Christmas crackers and Santa Claus. There are several variations that have risen over the past century, from light and crumbly Christmas cake ideas sculpted with marzipan, to rich dark Christmas cake recipes best served with hot custard.

The most famous Christmas cake tradition, that you can try for yourself in our very own Christmas cake recipe, is the hidden penny. Hide a penny (clean it first or wrap in greaseproof paper) in the cake mixture. Whoever finds the penny in their slice of Christmas cake will have good luck for the year to come!

Spiced christmas cake

How to Use Lurpak

Christmas is a time to celebrate! It’s not a time to cut back on the chocolates, nibbles and savoury treats. Try using Lurpak butter to bring out the flavours in your Christmas cooking! From savouring stuffing to buttery shortbread, Lurpak salted and unsalted butter is essential for Christmas extravagance.

When it comes to whipping up the Christmas cake, don’t forget to use Lurpak to grease the tin too! Even if you’re using greaseproof paper, rub a little butter in the bottom and sides of the tin to help the paper stick while you’re pouring in that sticky cake mixture.

Simple Christmas Cake Recipes

Before we get stuck in with the cake on Christmas day, we believe it’s important to warm up our stomachs with Christmassy treats the night before! Our Right Rum Christmas Cake Muffins are great to hand out at your Christmas eve party and will store overnight to enjoy on Christmas day too!

For the main event, it just has to be turkey. Our recipe adds a new twist to the traditional turkey stuffing with a buttery glaze and juicy cranberry gravy, to give that dry turkey meat a succulent boost. Read the full lemon, sage and butter glazed turkey recipe – it’s not as complex as it sounds.

Without further ado, you simply must try the Lurpak spiced Christmas cake recipe. Dark, sticky with honey and oozing with cloves, cardamom and Christmas spices, this decadent cake is the perfect way to finish the festive meal. Furthermore, the recipe itself is amazingly simple. Mix your dry ingredients and drizzle in the acacia honey, pop it in the oven and that’s another job done!